Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Two Hour Delay

Two hour delays are supposed to be a good thing right? You get to stay home, sleep in (supposedly) and take care of anything you forgot to do the night before. Well all these things are true, however, they seem to lose relevance as soon as I get to school.

There is a new principal at my school this year, and like most new leaders he has been changing things around a little bit here and there. There are some good changes and some changes that most people don't like, (although these kids complain about everything). There is one change that I do not like at all though. This is the schedule for two hour delays.

Instead of spreading the changes out over all the period, or rotating which periods are shortened, everything comes out of the morning periods each day. This causes problems for me most of all. You see, I am the office runner first period each day. I am in charge of getting the attendance slips from all of the teachers first period, taking a hard copy of the announcements to each room and anything else that needs done. I am normally done near the end of first period or the first few minutes of second period.

However, when the periods are shortened, everything that has to get done still has to get done. Because of this I miss all of 2nd period as well as most of 3rd period. This becomes very annoying, and in fact can make it difficult to make up work in these classes. Because of this I am going to talk to my principal tomorrow and see if maybe things might be able to be changed.

On a slight side note. This schedule also hurts many of the teachers and makes it difficult for them. Hopefully this great crisis will be resolved and peace will once again reign in Daniels world.


Laura said...

hey!! Totally didn't know you were the blogin type. That's an interesting pic I must say. You look quite tall! ^_^

Anonymous said...

Daniel Daniel Daniel...

I can see where you are coming from because it would be very annoying as far as trying to make up work. However I do like the current 2 hour delay schedule for two reasons. One reason is that my gym period is shortened. I definitely dislike gym class this year. And also because I don't like math all that much my math class is shortened. I have nothing against Ms. Swiger or anything just math has never been my strong point or has it been my favorite subject.

Anyway good point about the schedule
Matt B.