Thursday, May 10, 2007


Tonight we are going to play for the talent show at the High School. I am playing with Super K, Belle, Doon, and also another song with Laura. We are going to be playing at the high school itself, and because of this we seem to have been having a difficult time getting ready. First of all we are playing a song by the Newsboys, and it is totally different from anything we have ever done before. We have also not had very much time to practice and are not feeling super ready for this. There has been a lot of extra stuff going on during this time with school and all of our extra activities. There has been a lot of doubt among us as to whether or not we are doing the right thing. Also, I have been dealing with hopelessness myself. I feel that this is because part of what we are coming up against is the hopelessness in the school. I need to go right now but please pray.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Dog Bites.

First of all I would like to let you all know that several weeks ago I was attacked by a vicious man eating German monster. The name Shepperd is not at all applicable, thus monster. (As a side note I was not messing with this monster's sheep, therefore I am not at fault.) I was simply walking by completely unaware and doing nothing to provoke it and all the sudden my leg was in the iron grip of a vicious beast. Luckily due to my amazing running and screaming abilities I was able to get away from the monster with only slight wounds.
In reality, it was a really old German Shepperd that has a thing for tall thin guys, so at least I have a good physique.