Sunday, November 4, 2007

another weekend

Well, this has been a busy weekend. I finally finished a 1000+ page book that I was reading called The Winds of War. It was a good book but it was very disapointing to find out at the end that it is simply setting you up for the sequel. Oh well, didn't kill me and I did enjoy the book. This upcoming week is going to be a little crazy, with two shows to go to and a piano recital/competition. It will be a good week though. The end of daylight saveings time is always sad, but the seasons roll on. By the way, my sister and I were having a disscussion about how almost every native culture that we could think of all over the world has war drums. It is interesting how you can know that it is a war beat without even knowing what is going on. Oh well, that is all for now.