Sunday, October 28, 2007

Fine, I'll post since you insist. Well, today I went with Alex Fries (pronounced freeze) and gave him a tour of the Episcopal church here in town. He was duly impressed, and I did something I have never done before. I actually went up into the bell tower! We didn't actually go into the room where the bell is, but when I went to push up the trap door into that part, about three inches of pigeon poop slid off of the door! Super K would have loved it! Anyway, Alex got some pictures without actually going up there. There is only one bell, but there are two ropes. One actually swings the bell and the other is for a hammer that hits the bell. It is interesting.

The amazing part is that I actually went up there with rickity ladders and all. It was fun though. After that we went over to St. Marys and went up in their bell tower. It was pretty cool, I could see Plum Brook Station from up there. Well, thats about all that I did today. Pretty fun stuff.