Monday, February 12, 2007

I Have a Name!!

For those of you who are not extremely keen and observant, let it now be known that my blog has a name. It's great isn't it. I will write a post on why the name is what it is later. I have homework to do now. Amazing isn't it, I have time to post in school, but out of school I have to much homework. See the oxymoronicness (spelling???) of it and stare Super-K.

I promise to post with all due speed to use a government term.


Laura said...

yes, I do believe you are still standing... and as for links... I'll work on that.

Anonymous said...

awesome name, pianoboy!!! can't wait to hear your story on it! I'm sure it will stand the test of time!!

super k said...

Yes that is quite oxymoronic and I love it!

Brice said...

Hey! I know have a blogger

Phantom said...

I like the name, I changed mine too. Yours is quite awesome and fits the blog perfectly. My blog will need a lot of work to live up to its name. I like the Bible quote too.

As Mr. S. would say "Good effort!"


(Ahh Smiley face!)