Saturday, February 3, 2007


Today I sent in my application for AOSFYC. For those of you who don't know what this stands for it is the All Ohio State Fair Youth Choir. I am very excited about this opportunity. AOSFYC is essentially living at the state fair for three weeks and singing the entire time. For anyone who knows me you now that this is totally up my ally. There is a slight conflict with scheduling though. My parents are planning on celebrating there twentieth wedding anniversary during the same time period. You are not normally supposed to leave at all during the fair. However, I sent in a letter with my application stating the circumstances and hopefully they will be willing to work with me. I am praying that everything works out because I would absolutely love to be able to do this. I did pray about it before I sent in the application and I felt a peace about it so, we will see what happens. I'm putting the website for AOSFYC under my links in case anyone is interested in more information. I will also update whenever I find out anything. In case anyone was wondering I found out about AOSFYC through District Choir. That is a different post for a different day.


Anonymous said...

hey there! :)

this is Sylvia, by the way. Hopefuly you remeber the somewhat shy sister (try saying THAT 10 times fast) of Karolyn that you met at district choir.

but yeah, sorry i havent been talking to you lately. Freshman year is kinda tough, and the homework gets a bit much sometimes. ugh. but i guess i've got it easy right now, since people keep telling me it'll get worse *cough* PESSIMISTS! *cough*

but anyways, i really hope you come to AOSFYC, i've almost got my app. filled out. can't wait to see if i'll get in, KK says its a blast!

i've been reading some of your blogs. pretty cool! you write really well (i know its a blog but still, you can express yourself very well in type.) Found out you liked I-Robot.

you are seriously my hero, its my number one favorite sci-fi!! my sister doesn't like it much though, i guess im the odball in my fam.

k so im gonna wrap this up... i'm a bit more talkative on the net, have you noticed? ;P. hope to hear back from you, just send a greeting through KK.

by the way, WE'RE COMING TO YOUR PLAY! i act too, cool! seems we've got more in commmon than i thought!


Rachel said...

Hey good luck with the application!! Uncle Nathan and I will have to come see you before your cousin arrives!