Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Maybe Change is Good.

I've been thinking again. I know, scary. Change is sad, scary, and sometimes painful. In spite of all these things change is also good. We grow and develop new ideas that we would have never imagined before. We sometimes lose friendships but we develop new ones that are often just as important to us.

As we grow God is able to use us in ways that we never thought possible before. I am now able to speak into the lives of some of my friends from school. Three years ago I wouldn't have even thought that these friendships would be possible. My church is much deeper in worship and prayer than it was five years ago. God uses change to help us grow.

If we don't change we become stagnant and start smelling funny. But really, change allows us to grow as individuals and helps us to continue to grow into the person that good has destined for us to be. Just my quick thoughts for the moment.

Keep your eyes on God, even though life seems to swirl around you like a mighty storm. He alone will keep you safe and preserve your life.


Phantom said...

Like you said "a mighty storm" (that's me if you didn't know). But to be a little more serious, I agree with you. So try to keep an open mind about change, I know I need to.


Phantom said...
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super k said...

You are right. Change is good. I can certainly look back over the past few years and see how myself and the people around me have changed. Unfortunately change is not always easy.