Friday, February 23, 2007

Makeing a differance, or not

Well, this week has been crazy. I was talking to Super-K and my sister earlier this week and we agree that it has been crazy. Also, it's pretty easy to lose your focus on life. What is our true purpose in life? We know that God wants us to make an impact in our schools, but we really don't. It seems like every month or so we end up talking about how we need to make a differance. Then we go back to life and forget about it. Thats about all we discussed, but we agree that something needs to change and that most likely that something will be us.

Thats all for now here, on to other things


Phantom said...

You are changing things even if you don't realize it. I have noticed that myself.


Just Me said...

Read Super K's comment for Sat. from me. It goes for you to. You on the other hand are A Mighty "Man" of God!! Anyway, soak in His presence, get your band together and worship!! I believe in all of you. You are making a difference everywhere you go. God is moving in this city! That's why you are so itchin' to get closer to Him. Just Love on Him!!!!! Change is happening.
Love ya bud!!

Just Me said...

Pray about that!!

Anonymous said...

i second just me's Storyteller nomination!!!!!!!!

I don't have all the answers, just the right ones. said...

making a difference. hit your spell check button. That's a little payback for pointing out my innacuracies on my van blog. :)