Sunday, March 11, 2007

Wow part 2

I thought yesterday was stressful, hah! Today was way more stressful. I got a call this afternoon that the lead in the musical who I shall now reveal as Michael was doing worse. When I got to the school to get ready I was informed that I would be singing the entire show. Wow, what can I say about that? Not that there was any pressure or anything, after all, this is only the entire show that we are talking about!! Michael was going to try and speak his lines but after the first scene he could barely whisper. Because of this the director had to read his lines, while directing the orchestra, while I filled in on all of the songs.

It was slightly crazy to say the least. We are still praying for Michael, it would be awesome if he could do the show tommorow, but we don't know what is going to happen. The show went well, but it was crazy. I would have to say my own lines for one scene and then race over to the other side of the stage for the next scene. We don't have a backstage area at all so if you need to get over to the other side of the stage you have to go all the way around.

I messed up a little several times, one of the horses is more like silk than milk, but nobody really noticed. We were able to make it through the show, but it was a crazy ride. I really don't think I realized how stressed I was until after I got home.

Well, that is all for now. I will update on how tommorows show goes. Hopefully everything will go as it should, but it seems that you never know around here.


Phantom said...

You are good... I could never do anything quite as difficult as you described. I'm coming tonight so good luck I'll be around, so feel free to say hi if you have the time. Is Chris back?


ShaggaBear said...

You did GREAT for just stepping in! Here's hoping that today's show will go smoother, even if you do have to sing the extra parts.

Billy said...

You did an awesome job! Way to step up!

Exquisite said...

I saw the play today (Sunday) IT WAS AMAZING! I'm glad the lead was able to the talking part of his lines so it wasn't so stressful for you. I hope you get a good night's sleep to be ready for Monday. Rest your voice and all will go well.

Your Friend,

I have no life said...

You know whenever you have to do something like that you really don't have to worry about anything all things considering you are one of the best singers at school. I'll tell you that I don't like dealing with people so even though I am not dealing with people I still wouldn't be able to do that. Really Daniel you are very good and personally I think you have a bright future ahead of you as far as singing. Now you know me I unlike you can't sing, and I don't care how much you say I can, everyone else tells me I can't so I try not to sing around other people so really what you did does make you deserve Storm's honorable award of Hero of the day. However I think you should be hero of the weekend since you had to cover for Michael almost all weekend.

Well anyway, I don't know how many times I'm going to tell you this but you really did a great job yesterday.

Well talk to you later

ocsicnarf said...

hey i've heard and read what happened and i hope you feel a little stress free for school man, and please make up your mind if you want to have fun this saturday.

AmericasNextFreak said...

Hey Daniel, You were GREAT Sunday! KK told me you had strep, you poor guy, feel better *blog hug* hehe.

Gotta go, see you at Cabaret!!