Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Day 1

Not a whole lot happened today. I played with the jazz band for a lunch today. We did pretty good, although the piano I had to play is not so great. It was tuned on Monday and somehow it was already out of tune by the time of the lunch. My friend Chris is in the jazz band and he did well. Overall it was a lot of fun, plus, there was leftover food afterwords!! For anyone who knows me you know this is a definant bonus.

In other news, our school had its first lock down drill today. Our principle came on the anouncements and said that we were having a lockdown. The teachers locked the doors of the rooms we were in and we sat and talked for twenty minutes. While it seemed to work, the system raises many concerns for me. What happens if we have to do an actual lock down in between classes? What about the other buildings on campus such as the auditorium? How will the phys. ed. classes have any idea what is going on? These are the things I worry about, pitiful I know.

Oh well, I have a speech that I have to give for speech class tomorrow. Better go ahead and get started on that.


Anonymous said...

Hey Daniel,

It's KK and I was just sitting here thinking "Hey why not send a comment" lol. Our school had a lockdown a few days ago and I was stuck in the elementry where I tutor, for the entire third period. Thankfully there was only one other person, my fellow tutor (kids had left). We had fun writing on a chalk board and talking about well... boys hehehe though you know how that is having sisters yourself.

See Ya

Phantom said...

I remember the lockdown drill and I agree with you, I was at gym so I was kind of stuck in the other building. Their overall plan is totally ineffective in my eyes. I realize that walls won't stop bullets, and that a determined person can get through a locked door. However the faculty fails to acknowledge this.