Monday, August 18, 2008

Well, I am in college now. How profound I am. I start classes tomorrow and then the real work starts, but I am already having fun. I am in a philosophy seminar for the first semester, and this class also acts like a small group. There are 17 people in my group and we have done several activities over the orientation weekend. Last night was the annual Wesleyan trivia night, and my group came in second place overall! Yay free smoothies!

I also found out yesterday that I made the Concert Chorale. I was very excited to say the least. That's about all as far as the exciting stuff is going. Oh, and I have been riding about an hour every morning. It will take awhile to get used to the whole hill thing, but it is going well. That's all for now. I will write later


ShaggaBear said...

we already miss you tons! But we're glad you're doing good. Yay for the concert chorale. How fun! now the real training begins.

The Downing 5 said...

We all missed you Saturday. Congrats on the concert chorale. Keep us all posted on all the exciting things happening!

Alicia said...

congrats on making concert chorale.. It's nice to see that you are adjusting to college life..