Saturday, February 23, 2008

I am still alive

Just is case some of you were wondering I am in fact still alive. I also still believe in the power of blogging, I just haven't been practising for a while. I will now proceed to post my schedule for the next three weeks. I have my jazz band and choir concert this Sunday starting at 1 p.m. It should be fun. The following Wednesday I have a music audition at West Virginia Wesleyan College. This audition is for possible scholarship money, so pray it goes well. The The weekend of March 7th, 8th and 9th I have my school musical as well as the International Federation of Independent Music Clubs piano competition at Heidelberg College in Tiffin. THe following Tuesday I will be leaving for my senior retreat in Plymouth Michigan.

That is the current brief overview of my life. Also, I went to the foot doctor yesterday and hopefully we will soon have a cure for my stinky feet that pass all understanding. I hope to possibly, maybe, update withing the month but we shall see.


Alicia said...

wow you are busy.. I'm glad you updated though.. i like reading your updates.. So have you decided which college you are going to?

Cinnamon said...

FINALLY you updated. I hope things go well at your music audition.

Anonymous said...

Hey Daniel!

Good luck with your schedules and stuff.