Tuesday, April 17, 2007

And thus I succumb

I appear to have given into peer pressure, and it has been quite fun reading reading all of your wonderful comments in the meantime. I wonder if I will get this much traffic on my blog by just writing? I would like to quote a very famous person who once said that absence makes the heart grow fonder. I have no idea who this person actually was, however they must have been famous because I have heard that one a lot.

As most of you know, I am currently at a church conference in Marietta, OH. It has been really good so far. The focus so far seems to be on connecting the generations. For those of you who do not understand this, it is all about the older people, or the current generation, working with us younger people, known as the emerging generation.

The really cool part is that everything that they are talking about in this conference is stuff that we are already doing here at home in COTK.

We have had a lot of fun here, and it is really good. I will let you guys know of anything else I think about, although I do need to go right now.

Talk to you guys later.


Exquisite said...

Sounds fun! I wish I could go instead of going to my dreary, unchanging school :(

By the way, My dad decided today, finally, that he is getting a new car because it would take too much time, and money, to fix his old one (well you know Saturns...) So it turns out that you will be cleaning MY car instead of his, have fun with the old mustiness!!! LOL It's really not THAT bad.

Also, you'll have to come Sunday this weekend because my parents are going out on a date Saturday, and they won't be home.

See You Soon!

Rachel said...

Yeah...it's a post!!! How wonderful

Phantom said...

Perfect timing... and a good quote, that I myself have been thinking about a lot lately.

Thanks for finally updating.


Life Moves On said...

AHHHHH DANIEL YOU UPDATED lol just kidding...anyway hope you are having fun on your extended spring break...what a loser...haha just kidding see ya when ya get back

AmericasNextFreak said...

i'm surprised no one's said this yet...


Blood Soaked Roses said...


I would post a bunch of random stuff, but I'm just not in the mood. :P

-- Ty

Phantom said...

Now now now, I think you're already falling back in to your old ways of not updating for long periods of time again. Don't do that, but while I'm thinking about, I am going to say welcome back, don't leave us again.


Alicia said...

It's cool that you are in Marietta.. I love it there it's such beautiful place... My question is the conference you are at is it or was it at the Valley Harvest Church? Just curious.. If so that's so sweet! I've been there before..

ocsicnarf said...

it's about time that you updated man. you lucked out on the mob. but this is the first time i actually got on the computer so update soon and i should too.

AmericasNextFreak said...

hey, put some new stuff on my blog, check it out!!